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Councillor Mitchell Pakes Slams petition calling for Sustainable Futures Committee to be reinstated

Shoalhaven council by Andrew Page

Shoalhaven Assistant Deputy Mayor Mitchell Pakes has slammed a petition calling for Shoalhaven City Council to reinstate it's Sustainable Futures Committee, saying many of the people signing it are not even based on the South Coast.

The Committee was abolished at last months ordinary meeting after a majority of Councillors resolved the Committee was costing ratepayers too much money and duplicating services already provided by the State Government.

Councillor Pakes says he's taken the time to look through the names in the petition to see where they're from.

"Earlier in this term of Council, my team the Shoalhaven Independents submitted a petition of over 3500 people who signed it, every one of those persons lived in the Shoalhaven and that was to ask the Council to reconsider the massive rate increase", Councillor Pakes said.

"The Greens weren't interested, I'm sure they didn't even read the petition", he said.

Councillor Kaye Gartner has her doubts and says the group who started the petition, Shoalhaven Transition has strong local connections.

"He's a very brave man to have trawled through 500 signatures and done the maths to determine that 65 per cent of them are from out of the state", Councillor Kartner said.

"I certainly haven't done that and I know a lot of the people who have signed it, I know that Shoalhaven Transition is a local community organisation, it has broad reaches throughout the community", she said.

Photo credit: Andrew Page