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Council votes to provide in principal support for staff pay increase

Shoalhaven council by Andrew Page

Shoalhaven City Councillors have given in principle support for Council staff to have a pay rise of nearly $3 Million.

Staff have argued it will boost morale and help to attract and retain the right people for the job.

Currently, wages account for $71.4 Million of Council's annual budget, with a total increase of 4 per cent approved.

Councillor Bob Proudfoot says Council is taking the wrong approach and should instead focus on improving working conditions and better training programs.

"This $3 Million obviously will have to be taken out of ratepayers money, this $3 Million is in addition to around $2 to 2.5 Million that's already been budgeted for wage increases", Councillor Proudfoot said.

It is now set for further discussion, but a recession motion has been lodged against the adopted motion.

Further details below from Council's business paper.


That Council

  1. Support in principle a review of Council’s salary system under the terms of the Local Government (State) Award to make it more contemporary and competitive.
  2. Authorises the General Manager to negotiate with relevant Unions and the Staff Consultative Committee to establish a new salary system and introduce other monetary and non-monetary benefits to attract and retain staff in the organisation.
  3. Authorises the General Manager to negotiate changes in a staged approach commencing 1 May 2019 and over the 2018-19 to 2020-21 financial years with the overall increase capped at the equivalent of a 4% increase in annual employee costs (excluding annual increases as prescribed by the Award and already budgeted for).
  4. Note the funding options presented in the report and receive a further report in relation to a recommended funding strategy in conjunction with the outcome of the General Manager’s negotiations.

Photo credit: Andrew Page