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Woodridge Estate land owners frustrated with environmental green tape

Woodridge Estate at Bangalee

Shoalhaven City Councillors have met with frustrated land owners who are unable to build on blocks of land they've bought in Woodridge Estate at Bangalee.

There was a change to environmental laws in 2017 which means landowners now have to pay an additional $50,000 for bio-diversity and bushfire studies to take place.

Council approved the Woodridge Estate in 2016 and residents bought the land off a developer who at the time said no additional environmental studies would need to be completed.

That changed when the State Government made retrospective changes to the laws.

Councillor John Wells says they're trying to find a solution.

"We want to have a conversation with the State Government about the potential ability to be a little flexible or exercise some sort of discretion in satisfying both the conservation requirements, but enabling people to build reasonable homes on these acreage lots", Councillor Well said.

Photo credit: Google Maps