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Premiere Gladys Berejiklian pledges funding for Princes Highway Duplication from Jervis Bay to Sussex Inlet and beyond

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Premiere Gladys Berejiklian has visited the Shoalhaven to announce if her Government is re-elected, $960 Million will be provided to duplicate the Princes Highway from Jervis Bay to Sussex Inlet and further South at Moruya.

It takes the total funding commitment for upgrading the Princes Highway to $2.4 Billion.

With the rapid growth of our population, the highway has become notorious for fatal crashes, including the Death of the Falkholt family as a result of a crash on Boxing Day 2017.

It's part of a wider grand goal to duplicate the highway all the way to the Victorian Border.

But the funding is not without a catch, Ms Berejiklian said the Government will have to be re-elected.

"We saw that under 16 years of Labor, this part of New South Wales was completely neglected, nothing happened, it's taken us to come to Government, the strong financial management, the advocacy of all of my colleagues here, we are a strong united team and we'll do anything we can to save lives and make our communities safer," Ms Berejiklian said.

South Coast MP Shelley Hancock said the funding also includes money for planning to upgrade the Intersection of Jervis Bay Road and Milton/Ulladulla as well as planning for the Milton/Ulladulla Bypass.

"Again for too long, people sit in traffic gridlock, going through Milton, going through Ulladulla queues kilometres long to actually get to their destination," Ms Hancock said.

"We've got to fix that problem, the route has been gazetted, we've been purchasing property, now we start the detailed planning for the Milton/Ulladulla bypass.

It's unclear about whether an overpass will be built on the intersection of JB Road, but Ms Hancock has indicated her preference for that option.

In summary, the election pledge includes:

  • Duplicate sections of the Princes Highway from Jervis Bay Road to Sussex Inlet Road;
  • Build the Moruya Bypass; and
  • Start detailed planning work for the Milton and Ulladulla Bypass and upgrades for the Princes Highway from Burrill Lake to Batemans Bay.