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Alarm after an ambulance station left unmanned


The strain on paramedics is taking its toll with one Illawarra Ambulance station left unmanned on Tuesday night...

It's claimed  both the Illawarra and Shoalhaven are understaffed, with a source - who asked not to be named - saying under-staffing does happen around long weekends, school holidays and other special events...

It has also been revealed that paramedics are over worked with many not having a designated break during their 12 hour shift...

The source says they usually have to snack on the run,  which is not conducive to a healthy work environment especially in a job that is already stressful.

Meantime Illawarra and Shoalhaven paramedics remain concerned for their safety following a number of assaults on ambos this year.

Photo for illustrative purposes only. Source: Rob Gooda. PowerFM/2ST news

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