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Group 7 Refs told to abandon games


Group Seven rugby league Referees have been given orders to take tougher action to stop the abuse of match officials.

The Group Seven Referees Association has had enough following a weekend of ugly abuse.

Association President Paul Lees said games will be stopped or even abandoned from this weekend if match officials are yelled at or berated.

"I think it got to a tipping point over the weekend.

"We've got first grade clubs with bench players and hanger-oners and you've got people behind the bench that just want to incite this unwanted abuse.

"Over the last weekend we even had players abusing referees on the field for the decisions they've made," he said.

The directive from the Association to its match officials is that abusive behaviour from players, managers, coaches and supporters won't be tolerated and games can be abandoned.

"I want the people to be safe, I want everybody to enjoy what they do.

"If we need to send a message by calling off games then that's what we're going to do.

"There was 48 weeks worth of suspensions handed out last week," Lees said.

Image: Group 7 Referees Association Facebook

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