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Red light over Nowra traffic lights proposal


Shoalhaven City Councillors are questioning a move that it's claimed could cost jobs and see businesses close in the Nowra CBD.

A proposal to put in traffic lights at the Moss and North Street intersection has shocked businesses along North and Kinghorne street because it would mean the loss of 20 timed parking spots, crucial to their operations.

A petition calling for a re-think has been presented to the council, who want to press ahead to take advantage funding made available to them under the Federal Government Blackspot programme.

But a presentation from one of the business owners at Tuesday night's council meeting raised some eyebrows and led to this from Councillor WATSON." I don't understand why we're doing it. Always thought that we had enough traffic lights. I just can't understand why we're spending the money on it. It's an opportunity to come up with Blackspot funding, but is there any way of getting out  of the project and not doing it?"

The public consultation period ends on Friday.

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