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Levy too heavy


Coast and highlands councils have been given some breathing space ahead of footing the bill for a hike in Emergency Services Levy.

The increase was to help fund better workers' compensation coverage for firefighters diagnosed with one-of-12 work-related cancers.

Across the 128 NSW councils it would have raised 13.6 million dollars, but it caught councils by surprise and would have meant some services would have to be put on the back-burner to meet the cost.

South Coast MP and Minister For Local Government SHELLEY HANCOCK announced yesterday the government will now foot that increase...." the timing wasn't great. So we sent out bills to local government for an increase to the ESL, the Emergency Services Levy and they weren't ready they had already done their budgets. So we have actually picked up that funding for the councils for the first year."

Photo source: Shelley Hancock Facebook page

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