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Travolta's arrival on track for November


The arrival of John Travolta's retro QANTAS plane to the Illawarra remains on target for late November after a team from HARS checked it out in the US to continue planning for the flight.

Its exact arrival date is still being worked out but HARS assures us the Hollywood star will be on board when it touches down at the Illawarra Regional Airport.


HARS officials are continuing to work through an extensive checklist.

One of HARS star attractions, the QANTAS jumbo is celebrating an anniversary.

Tomorrow marks 30 years since the City of Canberra's record breaking non stop delivery flight from London to Sydney.


In 1989 the Jumbo made worldwide headlines for the 18,001 kilometre, 20 hour and nine minute journey.

One of the four captains of the flight Ray Heiniger said he will never forget being welcomed home by a sea of QANTAS staff at Mascot.

"It was a great introduction for this aircraft into our fleet because we really showed our potential passengers what this aircraft could do for them, what its capabilities were.

"The staff were totally onside, it was a great day for QANTAS and I guess a great day for aviation in Australia," he said.

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Images: HARS and Bendigo Bank Oakflats and Shellharbour Branches& Rob Gooda

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