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Sydney takes Shoalhaven water


It's claimed water is being unfairly taken from the Shoalhaven River to prop up Sydney's supply much earlier than needed.

The move has been condemned by Independent MLC and Shoalhaven resident JUSTIN FIELD who says they've been doing it since September 2018 and it's a clear misuse of the government's powers.

Mr Field says under the rules the drastic action should only come into play during severe water shortages and when Sydney's dams fall below 30 percent and that has not been the case." It's not fair to take more water out of the Shoalhaven when Sydney is only on the lowest level of water restrictions. Unfortunately it doesn't seem the Minister has consulted at all with Shoalhaven Council, the industries that rely on the river, including the oyster industry and the health of the area doesn't seem to get a look in. So I don't think it's good enough for the government just to take more and more water from the Shoalhaven."

The government meantime says the drop in supplies in the Sydney catchment has never been so hard and fast, prompting the unprecedented action.

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