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Date set for Shoalhaven water restrictions


Shoalhaven Water has set the date for when water restrictions will go into play.

Rob Horner, the Acting Director for Shoalhaven Water says on the second of October the Shoalhaven will go on to Level One water restrictions."We've come to a situation where we probably are going to fix on that date unless we.. unless some prediction of big rainfall occurs in the very near future and it certainly doesn't look that way at the moment. It still looks like the dry is going to continue." 

And Mr Horner added despite Sydney dipping into the Shoalhaven's Tallowa Dam to prop up its supply,  we have little to worry about.."Putting it into perspective. When Tallowa Dam.. if Tallowa Dam's drawn down to three metres - and that's as far as they can go under the Minister's rules - that represents still in the Shoalhaven, available for Shoalhaven usage, three to four years of water supply that Sydney don't touch." 


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