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Tougher COVID-19 restrictions looming for NSW


Disturbing news this morning that NSW has recorded almost 200 new Covid-19 cases in 12-hours.

The number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in the state has now risen to 1,219.

State Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said that 190 new cases have been diagnosed since 8 o'clock last night.

"We will be closely monitoring the number of new notifications."

"We will be looking at those numbers because we will be expecting, with returning travellers coming in,  that we do see an increase in returning travellers positivity because of the high rates of disease in some countries from which they're returning."

"Those individuals will be required to self-isolate in the home and that then blocks any transmission to the broader community in NSW," she said.

Dr Chant also said that there is currently 16 people receiving intensive care treatment in the states hospitals.

Meantime Premier BEREJIKLIAN said this morning she is prepared to implement tougher restrictions across the state..

"If we don't see things shifting in the community because of those actions ( current restrictions ) NSW will have to go further."

"I think everybody appreciates that, but I'm saying no need to panic, supermarkets and essential things will always be available for people to obtain, but if things haven't shifted because of the actions we took earlier in the week.. we will have to go further." The premier said.

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