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Former Mayor rejects criticism of Shoalhaven council


A former Shoalhaven Mayor has been angered by a letter penned by Kiama MP Gareth Ward slamming the council as dysfunctional and calling for an early election.

The letter is directed to the Minister for Local Government SHELLEY HANCOCK and is scathing in its assessment of council describing the relationship between councillors as toxic and that they have no interest in working together.

Former Shoalhaven Mayor and now independent councillor JO GASH says it's another blatant attempt by Mr Ward to control local councils..." For me, it's a premeditated manipulation of our local democracy. Very scathing of council, but I still say it's premeditated because an early election would certainly suit the Member for Kiama and his friends. Because there are rumours about that his Liberal team is ready to go and the Member for Kiama loves to control councils if he can. At least that's how it appears."

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