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SES urges South Coast to prepare

Wet and windy conditions are expected for parts of eastern New South Wales , particularly coastal areas, with the likelihood of a Coastal Low developing, and potentially an East Coast Low.

Such a system could bring severe weather to some coastal regions over the next few days. This includes the possibility of heavy rainfall, road and riverine flooding, damaging winds strong enough to bring down trees and powerlines, and large seas resulting in dangerous beach conditions and potential coastal erosion.

This is a dynamic system, so there is still uncertainty with the exact positioning, movement and strength of the low. Know your weather. Know your risk. Make sure you stay up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings on our website

Both Coastal Lows and East Coast Lows display cyclonic circulations and can bring severe weather, however East Coast Lows are more intense systems that can last for several days, as opposed to Coastal Lows that usually have a much shorter duration. 

Image : Rob Gooda

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