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Calls to end the personal attacks

shoalhaven council meeting

The Shoalhaven Business Chamber has written an open letter to Shoalhaven City Councillors calling for an end to the personal attacks.

The letter also asks Councillors what they intend on achieving in the next 12 months and what legacy they want to leave.

President Jemma Tribe says a number of their members have raised concerns about important items on the business agenda being delayed because of the bickering.

Council elections across the state have been put back 12 months due to COVID19.

Here's a copy of the letter below:

Dear Shoalhaven City Council Councillors

It is one year until the next local government election and due to the extension of the term of Council announced by the Minister regarding COVID-19, this is the longest term that any Councillors have ever had to make an impact.

We, have 3 questions for our elected representatives.

1. With 12 months to go – what do you hope to achieve in this term?
2. What do you want your legacy to be?
3. Will you commit to avoiding personal attacks, notices of motion on state & federal issues & stick to the job at hand?

There is a limited amount of time to seriously address outstanding issues in the Shoalhaven such as planning & development of riverfront & other master plans; i.e. ENSA, the widening of Moss St, improvement of Hyams St intersection and the linkage to the new hospital development.

These issues, if completed, will have the capacity to attract investment to our region and provide employment paths for the community.

We also believe the CBD is not attracting investment and it would be desirable to see an opening up of input into the revitalisation of the CBD and the river front.

Perhaps involvement of local specialised design consultants to put forward proposals, with a competition or paid supporting role in conjunction with the CBD revitalisation committee.

Again, the resulting investment and growth would justify the expenditure.

We appreciate the commitment you have made to our city and the sacrifices you continue to make in your role.

However, now is time for positive action for our city, not for the gains of various political parties and or personal grandstanding.

Thank you for your leadership & your consideration of these matters.

Kind regards

Jemma Tribe, President