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Milton show still a goer - for now



The Milton Show Society is hoping to proceed with its 2021 show as normal, however covid restrictions could force the annual event to be cancelled or postponed.

Show society president Ken Leslie says the committee has been looking at a number of ways to ensure the show goes ahead and they will be waiting until the last minute before making a decision to cancel.

“At the moment, with the restrictions, we couldn’t run a show,” he said.

“We couldn’t enforce social distancing in the bar and around the rodeo and the bikes and many of our areas.

“And, with 500 permitted on the ground, it’s just not enough.”

He says, if restrictions are relaxed a normal show can proceed on the first weekend in March.

“We want to hold a show, we will go hard to run our own show, and the final decision to pull the pin will be as late as we can make it.

“But, at some point, we will have to let exhibitors know if we’re not - we’ll just see how it unfolds.

Mr Leslie says the society will not follow the lead of other agricultural shows and hold a online event.

“We won’t hold a virtual show, because the event is just as much about the spectators as the exhibitors. We feel without both, it wouldn’t be much of a show.

“If we can’t run the show on the date allocated, we can then look at running a day maybe later in the year, if restrictions allow such an event,” he added.

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