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Mangroves on offer for river-side farmers


Riverwatch is offering free mangrove plants to landholders along the banks of the Shoalhaven and Crookhaven Rivers.

Twenty volunteers collected seed from Greenwell Point and propagated 860 mangroves during a recent working bee at the Nowra Golf Course mangrove nursery.

Once they mature, Riverwatch volunteers will supply and plant the trees at no cost to landowners.

 Founding life member, Charlie Weir was able to attend the working bee and entertain the group with his stories of the river.

The nursery was first established by Stuart Crowther and the Veteran Golfers in 2010 in a bid to stabilise the river bank adjacent to the golf course.

He sought advice from Charlie Weir, who had been propagating and planting mangroves along the river since the 1980s.

People can get involved in Riverwatch, can contact Peter Jirgens on 0488 460011.

Photo Shoalhaven Riverwatch