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Planning for an ageing population in the Shoalhaven and South Coast


The Shoalhaven South Coast could have some of the state's largest aging populations over the next 40 or so years.

The NSW intergenerational report released on Monday says a quarter of the state will be aged 65 or over by 2061 and many coastal areas in the state's south will have aged dependency ratios of 70 percent or over.

The report also says population growth is projected to be as high as 1.1 percent in Shellharbour.


The 2021-22 NSW Intergenerational Report presents a snapshot of our future State to inform the policies that will continue to make New South Wales the best place to live, work, run a business and raise a family. 

The Report looks forward 40 years to 2061 to understand how the State‚Äôs population, economy and finances may change based on global and local trends and current policies.  

The Report examines key long-term challenges associated with an ageing population, a widening fiscal gap between the revenue raised by the government and growing expenditure pressures, and rapid transformation in the economy.

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