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Kiama Council pushes for ambitious Federal Government targets ahead of the UN climate summit


Kiama Council is one of seventeen councils nationwide calling for ambitious Federal Government targets ahead of the UN climate summit.

The Better Futures Australia Declaration urges the Federal Government to commit to strong, unified action on climate change, ahead of the UN Climate Conference, COP26 in November.

The councils represent more than seven million Australians and over $330 billion in GDP and assets and are members of the Cities Power Partnership. 

It urges federal leaders to put politics aside and work with them to slash greenhouse gas emissions.


Kiama Mayor Mark Honey said he supports the call for Australia to make an international commitment to transition to net zero emissions before 2050.

"While it is pleasing to see various state governments fill some of the Federal Government's void in this space, Canberra remains the place that has the deep pockets and legal clout needed to get this nation united and on the road to net zero," he said.

Mr. Honey said, " In the lead up to the Glasgow UN meeting, and a looming federal election, there are rumours and noises from our capital they might soon be changing their ways. For my part, I think we should keep up the pressure on our leaders until we have something more concrete.”

The Cities Power Partnership is a national network of local councils promoting a zero-emissions future.

Images: Kiama Council Facebook & Kanenori / 585 images Pixabay


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