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Shoalhaven's Australian champion oyster shucker brings home the trophy


A second generation Shoalhaven oyster farmer has won the title of Australian Women's Oyster Shucking champion.

Sally McLean and her husband Todd  operate Jim Wilds Oysters , which is a family owned and run oyster farm, located on the foreshore of the Crookhaven River.

Sally, who was the defending Australian female champion, took on five other women in the shucking competition finals at the Narooma Oyster Festival on the NSW South Coast.

Despite breaking her favourite shucking knife before the competition, Sally managed to shuck 30 oysters in just three-point-four seconds.

Sally said , "Bringing this trophy back to the Shoalhaven is a proud moment."

"Thanks to my team and all of the well wishes," Ms Mclean said.

Sally's feat is even more impressive, given the fact the Shoalhaven oyster industry has been shut down for the last three months because of the recent flooding that indundated the Shoalhaven and Crookhaven River systems, leaving the defending title holder with little opportunity to practice her shucking technique.

The Australian title holder said her technique involves firstly inserting the knife into the fringe of the oyster before cutting the muscle, flipping the oyster over to cut the muscle from the other side for presentation which is done in all one motion.

sally said, "Thanks to all the amazing women who competed, you ladies are absolute champions."

Image: Jim Wilds Oysters Facebook




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