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Jervis Bay PFAS Contamination Class Action

Shine Lawyers has initiated a class action for the Wreck Bay community for the chemical contamination of soil and groundwater in and around Jervis Bay Territory.

The class action alleges that the contamination was a result of the Department of Defence using firefighting foam containing per- and poly- fluoroalkyls substances (PFAS) at HMAS Creswell and the Jervis Bay Range Facility.

From the 1970s to at least 2004, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) regularly conducted firefighting drills using a type of firefighting foam known as Aqueous Film Forming Foam.

This foam consists of toxic chemicals known as ‘PFAS’.


The class action is for members of the Wreck Bay community who own, or have owned property in Wreck Bay on or before the first of September 2016.

The claim is to compensate eligible persons for the PFAS contamination in Jervis Bay which has negatively impacted properties, land values, livelihoods and the cultural practices of the Wreck Bay community.

The ADF commenced a detailed site investigation at HMAS Creswell and Jervis Bay Range Facility in March 2017, with the results detecting PFAS in surface water, groundwater and sediment around the base.

The report found widespread PFAS contamination in groundwater both on and off-base, exceeding health-based recommendations for drinking water.

(Source - Shine Lawyers)

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