What started as a bit of on-air playing around between the announcing team has now developed into something to which all the Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands can contribute; The 2ST Online Winter Cookbook.

Our Winter Cookbook will be filled with favorite 'go to' recipes from you - our listeners, our announcing team, and other personalities from across the regions.

There will be five categories: Entree, Soup, Mains, Healthy Choices, and Desserts. If you have an easy-to-make recipe that fits one of these categories, and is a much-loved fave, then upload the ingredients list, how to make it, why it's important to you - and a nice photo of the finished dish!

Then we'll choose the best of all contributions to go into The 2ST Online Winter Cookbook, and everyone across the Coast and Highlands can download it free of charge at the end of August! We even have a $500 dollar cash prize for one of the recipes we like the look of!


A big thank you goes to Hotondo Homes South Coast and Joyce Mayne Electrical South Nowra who have bought into our announcers' silliness and joined us as major sponsors.

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