The 20 20 Retro countdown is trip back every night taking you to the music you loved, danced badly to and probably had a lot of "firsts" too!

It's your soundtrack Every night is a different theme from years to songs featuring no vowels in the title (Yeah, we didn't know there were so many either!)

Catch Aaron for the music, the trivia and info from the best years of your life!

Culture Club Pin Up Boy Jon Moss Joins The 20 20!

culture.jpg Monday - Jon Moss joins the 20 20!

Culture Club are preparing to tour Australia from November 30 and we're celebrating with drummer Jon Moss joining us on the 20 20. The pin up boy of the group takes us back to the glory days of one of the most iconic bands of the 80's, talks candidly about his relationship with Boy George and gives us a scoop on the new album. Don't miss 20 songs chosen by Culture Club's Jon Moss.


cup.jpg Tuesday - The hits that stopped the nation!

Join us for a countdown of the songs that were at number 1 when the Melbourne Cup was run in years past. There's 20 songs that were in the top spot on the first Tuesday in November - and we'll look back on past winners of the cup.... And here's my tip for the big race - Humidore... but trust me - I'm better at picking hits than horses.


joh.jpg Wednesday - Joh was the pick in 1986!

We're playing the top 20 from a time when John and the Nationals were celebrating a dominant win in the Queensland state election. It was a victory that had nation wide effect - because, it was after that election that he turned his attention to Australia's top job. He began attacking Prime Minister Bob Hawke and launched the Joh for PM campaign. We'll remember that on our way to the number 1 from this week in 1986 - the hit inpired by African musicians.


carrie.jpg Thursday - we get Carried away to 1976!

Yes, the horror Carrie was released during this week in 1976... so we'll remember that and the top 20 from mid November. It was ABBA's hey day.. they're inside the top 20 twice... and all those staples of the mid 70's make an appearance.. the Bee Gees, Queen, Rod Stewart and Bryan Ferry. Join us for the biggest hits of this week in 76! 


bill.jpg Friday - We're Back Playing the Bills!

We're starting to drag out some of our favourite countdowns of the year - and this is high on the list. All those Bills... Billy Joel, Billy Idol, Billy Ocean, Billy Thorpe, Billy Field.... there's 20 of them as we play the bills!