The 20 20 Retro countdown is trip back every night taking you to the music you loved, danced badly to and probably had a lot of "firsts" too!

It's your soundtrack Every night is a different theme from years to songs featuring no vowels in the title (Yeah, we didn't know there were so many either!)

Catch Aaron for the music, the trivia and info from the best years of your life!

Classic Compilations and A Visit To '79, '93 & '84

compilation.jpg Monday - A Compilation Compilation!

It's our compilation of 2 popular compilation albums of the 80's - "1986 All The Hits" and "1983 The Hot Ones"... check out the covers and track listings posted on this website.


startrek.jpg Tuesday - Beaming Us Into 1979!

Yes, we're visiting the week when the classic 60's sci fi series Star Trek hit the big screen. At the time, the number 1 had an international flavor... the singer had Italian and Austrian parents - he was born in France and became popular during his time living in the UK..that and more as we play the hits of this week in 1979!


socceroos.jpg Wednesday - One Of The Goals Of 1993!

In the last week, Australia has qualified for the 2018 World Cup finals... wasn't the same story during this week in 1993, with Argentina nailing a classic goal to knock us out of qualifing! We'll remember that and the number 1 - that went on to become the biggest selling single of the year.


bandaid.jpg Thursday - A Christmas Hit As We Visit 1984!

It was in late November 1984 that the biggest names in British music all joined together to record the charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas?". It's the hit that raised Millions for famine relief in Africa and spent 3 weeks at number 1 here in Australia... Wasn't quite there yet though.. the top spot during this week in 1984 went to an artist who had his first chart topper in Australia after 23 years in the music biz.

life17.jpg Friday - Putting Life Back Into The 20 20!

It's that time of year,... draggin out some of our favourite countdowns of the year... and one of the best was a countdown packed full of songs with "Life" in the title... we'll "relive" that one this week!