Magic Song by the Police

It was the first song that Sting played to Andy Summers and Stuart Copeland when the Police came together in 1977: Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.

Sting thought it sounded like a #1 hit - the other two weren't sure, as Copeland recalls;

"I remember Sting for years trying to think of a rhyme for 'magic', as in 'Every Little Things She Does Is Magic.' I think the only word he could come up with, apart from 'tragic', was 'pelagic', which means 'ocean going'. There I was in my leather pants and punk hairdo, pondering the distinction between ocean-going and river-going fish." !

Sting eventually won the battle to record the song his way, and it was released in 1981 to worldwide acclaim.

Check out Sting's original demo above, and the finished product below..

Dare I say... it's magic!