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It's Back!

The Kinghorn Motors Secret Sound.

It's your chance to win money every weekday morning at 6 & 8. 


                                                                                         Here are a few guesses of what it is NOT...


Metal ash stray that you push down and the metal disc rotates

Putting coins in a vending machine

Opening the petrol cap on your car

Removing plates from the dishwasher

Sharpening a knife

Using a guillotine

Removing change from a vending machine

Using a food processer 

Sharpening a whiltshire kitchen knife 

Using a stapler

Scrapping a shovel along the driveway

Sound of opening a pack of Pringles chips

Shutting a screen door

Opening a sliding window

Popping a lock

Opening a suitcase

Can crusher

Opening a metal bin

Pushing down a toaster

Withdrawing money from an ATM

Unlocking a car or truck door with the remote control

Opening or closing the chiller trey in your fridge

Putting the coaster on your coffee table before you put coffee on it

Date stamp- pushing it down 

Opening a lunch box

A coin coming out of a vending machine

Using hedge clippers 

Launching your lounge chair

Nail clippers

Opening a can of drink

The toast popping up out of the toaster after it is done

Using an electric can opener

 Cutting a piece of paper with scissors

Using a key and unlocking a metal chain

Cutting through card board and hitting something metalic

Scrapping your BBQ with a set of tongs.

Using a spatula.

Scrapping a plate with your knife or fork

After the toaster popping having the lever pop back up   

Putting a handful of cutlery in the cutlery basket in the dishwasher

Doing up a zipper

Dropping a coin in a gumball machine

Pulling off the lid of a tube of Pringles and peeling back the top

Putting coins in a piggy bank

Putting a CD into a CD player

Taking a DVD out of the DVD player

Taking the money out of the shopping trolley and the sound of the chain dropping

Replacing a screw in light bulb

A tape measure retracting

Closing some venetian blinds

Getting a Kinghorn Motors key out of a bowl

Putting recycling into the recycling bin

Pulling the top of an can and peeling the lid back

Taking a card out of an ATM