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It's Back!

The Kinghorn Motors Secret Sound.

It's your chance to win money every weekday morning at 6 & 8. 


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Lighting a gas BBQ

A DVD player opening and shutting

A CD player ejecting

Lighting a match

Putting on a seatbelt

Opening a door

Using an ATM

Flicking a switch/lamp

Opening up the GAS on your stove

Shutting a window

Undoing a seat belt

Old polaroid camera taking a picture

Using a photo copy machine

Opening up a DVD cover

Lighting a gas lighter

Taking a bite out of a piece of fruit

Clicking a seatbelt

The chord retracting on a vacuum cleaner

Cracking a can of beer open

Removing a band aid

Lighting a match

Clicking a pen

A Door stop

A staple gun

A needle on a record

Closing a screen door

Opening a can of soft drink

Releasing the air pump off your tyre

Skate board going over a bump on the footpath

Using an ATM when the card comes out

Using the old medicare card machines

Snapping off a piece of alfoil

4 coloured pen being clicked