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It's Back!

The Kinghorn Motors Secret Sound.

It's your chance to win money every weekday morning at 6 & 8. 

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                                                                             Here are a few guesses of what it is NOT...


Starting a mower

Starting a whipper snipper

Trying to start a kids motorbike

Dragging a wheelie bin across the gravel

Locking your security door

Rolling the dice

Door lever on the bottom of a door banging against the wall 

Start up a motor bike

Vibrating a ruler on your desk

Putting the lever of the toaster down and having it come back up

Starting an electric mower

Putting the boot of the car down

Shutting the bonnet of a car

Car peddle being released

Closing a flimsy door

Dropping a heavy book onto a table

Dropping a set of keys onto a table

Pulling up a roller blind too quick and it rolls up at the top

Opening up a new jar 

Last bit of toilet paper being ripped off

Electric kettle back on its stand

Roller door coming down

Hitting a speed ball/ boxing equipment 

Shutting a garbage bin

Dropping a heavy chain on a table

Jumping off a diving board

Pulling a door handle and having it bounce back

Pet door/ pet going through flap

Taking a key out of a door

Sound of rinsing a mop in a bucket

Adjusting the heat in your car

Rubber door stopper

Sound of emptying Ice tray in your freezer