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It's Back!

The Kinghorn Motors Secret Sound.

It's your chance to win money every weekday morning at 6 & 8. 


                                                                                         Here are a few guesses of what it is NOT...

A suitcase coming down steps.

A X-ray machine.

A can of drink coming out of a vending machine.

Opening or shutting the glove box in the car.

Pushing the lawn mower over the drain drape on a  concrete driveway.

Empty milk carton going into a sulo bin.

Popping the boot of your car.

Using an old VCR. Taking the tape out. 

Adjusting your car seat

Clicking in a kids seat belt

Putting the ping pong balls in the clowns mouth at Luna Park

Changing gears on your automatic car

Using the central locking in the car

Kicking off your work boots when you get home

Unlocking and locking your car door

A bowling bowl being returned on the machine at ten pin bowling

Changing a battery on a power drill

Putting a key into a lock and turning it

Locking your car door

Locking a screen door

A bottle of drink falling out of a vending machine

The handle from a suitcase being pulled up

Taking a tissue from a tissue box 

 Throwing the first bottle into an empty bin

Putting the shopping bags on the counter

Twisting the coffee jar

Dropping a bucket