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2st Secret Sounds slider

It's Back!

The Kinghorn Motors Secret Sound.

It's your chance to win money every weekday morning at 6 & 8.

If you miss the sound you can keep a track of all the incorrect guesses right here.

Stapler stapling through paper

A bunch of books being dropped on a table

Air being let out of a balloon

Putting down the phone receiver, clunky sound at the end

Sauce being squeezed out of a sauce bottle

A boot being dropped on the floor

Fanning the pages of a book

Lighting a gas stove

Tape measure winding back

Igniting a gas stove

A note counter at the bank

Tearing up/off a paper towel

Guillotine cutting paper

The needle on a turntable being bumped off the record

Cricket ball hitting the stumps

Cutting a deck of cards

Shoveling sand and dropping it on the ground

Dropping down a set of car keys

Attempting to start a whipper snipper

Someone sitting on a bean bag

Pricing label gun

A chain hitting together with another chain

A balloon being let off

The Canberra/viking clap

The chain from a shopping trolley

The old Australia Post date stamp

Tent zipper going up/down