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The Kinghorn Motors Secret Sound.

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Incorrect guesses so far…


It’s not car related

It’s not food related

Doing up a watch band

Cracking an egg into a hot pan

Chaning gears on a bicycle

Popping a pill out of the blister pack

The act of sitting down

The game “Pie Face”

Plugging in a power cord

Crushing a cardboard box

Locking a deadbolt

Throwing rocks onto concrete

A stapler

Shooting a basketball through the net

Turning a Rubik’s cube

Turning on a fan

Clipping a dog collar onto a leash

Closing a window

Attaching a battery pack to a power tool

Taking the lid off a bottle

Pulling a wet mop out of the bucket

Inserting an ink cartridge into a printer

Popping a coffee pod

Connecting a garden hose

Ripping the tag off a tea bag

Pulling the tape off a cardboard box

Striking a match

Doing up your watch band

Putting air into the tyre with a foot pump

Automatic Air Freshener

Walking on concrete with sandy shoes

Using a pedal bin

Taking out the batteries from a remote control

Removing the cover from a tow ball

Peeling the paper from an envelope

Cutting a pill with a pill cutter

Dropping the needle onto a record

Putting your hand into a peg basket

Rubber soled shoes on a wooden floor

The tail slap of a whale

Flipping pages in a book

Manual credit card swiper

Lighting a cigarette

Crunching leaves

Dropping wet washing into the basket

Pulling the cover off a pillow/cushion/doona

Throwing a dart into a dartboard

An ipad camera shutter

Tearing Glad Wrap off the roll

Placing a bottle in the return & earn chute

Crushing a paper bag

Dropping stuff into the bin

Dropping the washing into a basket

A doggie door or catflap

Flipping the sun visor up or down

Press stud on a shirt or jacket

Attaching a tyre inflator

A sticky slappy hand toy

Cutting / slicing / eating any kind of food

A seatbelt

Electric toothbrush

Sipping a hot beverage

Pencil sharpener

Peeling open a perforated tag on a package

Newspaper printing press

Closing a zip-lock bag

Windscreen wipers

Treading on a snail!

Plugging in a power cable

Adjusting the showerhead

Moving a car seat back and forth

Car gearstick

Touching the microphone

A basketball going through the net

Flushing the toilet

Spooning yoghurt

Rolling up a car window

Shutting the gate

Sending a text message notification

Blowing in and out of a paper bag

Clicking a pen

Unfastening a seatbelt

A fax machine

Taking a biscuit out of the packet

Pushing a straw into a juice box

Ripping open a chocolate bar wrapper

Automatic air freshener

Needle skipping on a record

Flicking through a deck of cards

A swing-top bin

Pulling off a bandaid (ouch!)

Polaroid camera

Cracking an ice tray

Scrunching paper

Stapling paper

Brake pedal in a car

Fly swatter

Throwing a garbage bag onto the ground

Throwing fish & chips rubbish into the garbage

It’s not opening or closing anything

It’s not door related

A camera shutter

Putting a credit card into an ATM

Closing a window

Stamping a loyalty card

Pushing a spade or shovel into dirt

A spring doorstop

Cutting something in half

Taking a photo with a mobile phone

Popping the lid off a pen

Squeezing a stress ball

Locking the screen on a mobile phone

Self-inking stamp

Walking on gravel or rocks

Adjusting a mousepad

Slipping on a gumboot

Closing the clasp on a luggage strap

Closing a plastic bag with an automatic bag sealer

Using a cigarette lighter

Tearing a new freezer bag off the roll

Cutting paper with scissors

Pulling a tissue out of the box

Sliding a torch switch on and off

A camera shutter

A diving board

Undoing the velcro strap on an umbrella

Pushing in the strainer sink plug

Sucking something up with a vacuum cleaner

Stepping onto crunchy grass or leaves

Paper coming out of a printer

Slamming a gate shut

Rubbing two knives together

Breaking the seal on a jar of coffee

Tearing a piece of paper

Popping the straw off a juice box

Adjusting an office chair

Clicking a pen

Slipping on a shoe

Dumping trash into the bin

Tearing off a sheet of toilet paper

Counting coins on a table

Using a paper clip

Using a foot pump

Cutting paper with a guillotine

Not a hole punch or stapler

Shovelling dirt

Popping a champagne cork

Taking the lid off a microwave meal

Putting the lid on a takeaway container

Reloading paper into the photocopier

Plugging/unplugging a phone cord

Pruning a plant

Retractable cord on a vacuum cleaner

Tearing a new rubbish bag off the roll

Flicking through a book

Adjusting a hose nozzle

Pumping hand soap or sanitizer

Pulling sticky tape off the reel

Pulling apart two buckets

A self-inking stamp

Using a spade or shovel

Nail gun

A party blower

Flicking through a wad of cash

A leather strop

Folding/shaking clothes

Peeling off a sticky note

Throwing a pie in my face!

Hanging up a petrol pump

Walking through leaves

Microwave door

Turning a key in a lock

Camera shutter

Ripping toilet paper off the roll

Releasing parking brake

A paper guillotine

Attaching garden hose to a tap

Screen door handle

Using a toaster

Taking off rubber gloves

Flicking the sun visor back up

Pulling the string on blinds

Crumpling a paper bag

Snapping off a piece of chocolate

Striking a match on a matchbox

A bug eating a lettuce leaf!

Camera shutter

Screwing up paper

Tearing off aluminium foil

Powering off a vacuum cleaner

Pushing phone charger cable into USB port

Pressing “play” on a cassette player

Opening an envelope

Cracking an egg

Underarm deodorant spray

Crushing a drink can

Dropping the stylus into a record groove

Pulling on a locked car-door handle

Closing a book


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