It's Back!

– The Kinghorn Motors Secret Sound –

Weekday mornings after 6 and 8 with Max!

Listen for your cue to call on 02 44 232 999

Current Jackpot: $500!

Some unsuccessful guesses so far…

Clicking the dial on a BBQ

Cleaning the BBQ hotplate

Opening a child-proof lid

Lowering lawn mower blades

Using sticky tape or packing tape

Walking on wet grass

It’s not a hole punch or a stapler!

Cutting up … something

Chomping on potato crisps

Walking through a puddle

Starting a computer

Shuffling cards

Popping bubble wrap

A salt or pepper grinder/shaker

Taking ice out of the ice tray


Pruners or secateurs

Opening a metal bottle cap

A receipt machine

Sharpening a pencil

Changing the hose settings

A car jack

Wiping boots on a doormat

Tearing perforated paper

Walking on gravel

Spreading something on toast

Using scissors

Ripping up cardboard

Opening a bag of crisps

Ripping a shirt