Kiama Council Mayor goes electric

August 3, 2023 10:26 am in by

In 2021 Kiama Council adopted its Corporate Emissions Reduction Plan.

One of the actions of this plan was to look for opportunities to gradually shift the Council fleet across to electric vehicles (EVs). 

Every small change we take helps move us towards net zero.

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Council’s new waste truck, which meets Euro V1 (6) emissions standards, is servicing domestic bin collection in the LGA.

Now the mayoral allocated fleet car has been converted to an EV.

The purchase of this EV builds on Council’s plan’s commitment to reduce fleet emissions, which is further supported by the fact 10% of Council’s passenger vehicle fleet has so far been converted to hybrid vehicles.

“Going fully electric supports our net zero goals and I wanted to lead by example,” Mayor Reilly said.

The previous Mayoral vehicle was five years old and had exceeded the replacement policy threshold in terms of age and mileage. The EV is a Hyundai Kona and is allocated to the Mayoral position.

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Council has installed a power point near the Mayoral assigned parking bay at the Council Chambers. However, it’s not a fast-charging station.

Kiama currently has no public fast-charging points for EVs, despite participating in several Expressions of Interest (EOIs) and submitting several applications for funding in recent years.

Council recently participated in a NSW Government feasibility study conducted by contractor Chargeworks to identify suitable locations for EV fast-charging points in our area.

The results will be reported to Council in the next few months and staff remain committed to pursuing all options to help fund and deliver public EV charging stations.

Likewise, the investigation that staff will undertake in coming months to install three phase power at Coronation Park will also explore options for EV public charging stations.

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“I am hopeful that the organisation continues to move more vehicles in the fleet to EVs and hybrids in the longer-term. I see this as a natural progression towards a more sustainable model of fleet and energy management, that aligns with our net zero targets,” Cr Reilly said.

“The Councillors and I will continue to advocate for additional EV charging infrastructure in our area. Change is coming. I’m proud to be part of it!”


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