Petition to stop the David Berry sell off

February 13, 2024 11:01 am in by

Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has launched a petition opposing any proposed sale of David Berry Hospital.

Mr Ward asked the Premier a question in Question Time last week and the Government is yet to rule out a sale of the land.

Mr Ward has also used Parliament last week to put Questions on Notice to the Minster for Health and Minster for the Illawarra and South Coast.

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“This government is treating our community like mugs. The government are ‘consulting’ about the removal of services from DBH after a decision has already been made, and they refuse to rule out a sale and advise the community what they intend to do with land that was gifted to the Berry community.

“I asked the Premier and his government one very simple question in Parliament last week. Will you sell off David Berry Hospital. The Premier refused to answer the question.

“We have the Minister for Health who is also the Minister for the Illawarra. He hasn’t ruled out the sale of this site either and I call on him to do this today. I call on him to state his position not just as Minister for Health but as our region’s advocate in cabinet.

“For years, Labor talked about needing an Illawarra voice in cabinet but what good
has it done us!

“I have been contacted by locals who wanted me to start this petition so they could vent their frustrations about our treatment over this really significant site.

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“For many, DBH has deep personal significance as a place where people and families have said their last goodbyes to loved ones. The government is not treating this issue with the focus and sensitivity it deserves and this is deeply disappointing,” Mr Ward concluded.


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