Record our region’s croaking frogs

October 19, 2023 10:43 am in by

Residents are being encouraged to join a national citizen science project that’s aiming to capture the sound of more than one million frogs.

People can take part in the FrogID project by downloading an app that allows users to record the unique call of our LOCAL FROGS which are then identified by a team of experts.

Frogs are considered to be a good barometer of the surrounding environment, keeping our waterways clean of algae as well providing a food source for snakes and birdlife.

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Researchers are particularly keen to capture the sound of the missing Giant Burrowing Frog which is thought to reside on the South Coast.

Doctor Jodi Rowley from the Australian Museum says the information gathered will help map the location and health of our local frog populations, as well as their habitats.