Responsible Dog Ownership

March 15, 2024 10:02 am in by

Tips for Shoalhaven residents to keep their dogs healthy and secure is the focus of an educational campaign.

Director of City Development, James Ruprai, said the campaign was developed to support the council’s zero-tolerance policy towards anti-social dog behaviour introduced in 2020. Aiming to help over 60,000 dogs registered in the NSW Companion Animals Register who reside in the Shoalhaven area.

Jodie Parnell, Lead Ranger Services said the community expects dogs to be on their best behaviour and emphasised the importance of responsible dog ownership and integrating with the community.

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“We all want a positive experience for our dogs and by being prepared and following our tips, we set dogs up for an enjoyable outing,” Ms Parnell said.

The campaign includes five videos that cover key topics essential for current and aspiring dog owners, covering the journey from microchipping to training.

“The videos take a fun and engaging approach to show that responsible dog ownership is easily achievable,” she said.

“Catering to your furry friends’ basic needs and wants will encourage them to be on their best behaviour – this makes their lives better and certainly has positive outcomes for the community.” 

“If this isn’t followed, your dog may try to escape, bark excessively, or act out of character. Potentially resulting in an upset neighbour, an injury to your dog or them being involved in a dog attack.”

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The video series focuses on how to be a good pet owner while at home or out in the community, with short films on:

  • Chip, snip, register
  • Understanding body language
  • Securing your yard
  • Exercise
  • Training

To watch the videos and learn more about responsible dog ownership click here, Responsible Dog Ownership | Shoalhaven City Council (